100% Kona Estate

The Kona Coffee Council defines "Estate" as "…the product of one farm, unmixed with crops from other farms and processed through to roast under the control of the estate farm."

That's exactly what you get with our 100% Kona Estate coffee beans(Graded: - Kona Fancy). We select our high-grade Kona Estate beans from a single farm or plantation on the Big Island of Hawaii.

Pure Kona Estate beans deliver all the nutty, buttery taste and outstanding aroma you'll find with other types of Kona — plus you'll get the extra quality control and attention to detail that a single-origin coffee provides. You can rest assured knowing the result is a Kona bean that's sure to be exceptional in each cup you make.

$44.95 1 lb.

$24.95 8 oz

$211.95 5x1 Lb-SALE FREE Shp

$21.95 K-Cup 12 ea.

$41.95 Nespresso Org. 36 ea


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