100% Kona Peaberry

The Coffee Store's 100% Kona Peaberry coffee is, quite simply, "The King of all Kona coffee".

Graded #1 - by the DOA - the Highest Grade for peaberry coffee

Let's start with the Kona peaberry coffee beans. The peaberry Kona coffee beans featured in our pure Kona peaberry are a rare variation on the standard coffee cherry. It occurs when the Kona coffee cherry yields only one bean, instead of the usual two. As a result, peaberry Kona coffee beans are round and dense, and deliver a cup with incredibly full flavor. Kenneth Davids, one of the world's foremost coffee experts, says Kona peaberry coffee beans are "more buoyant and more complex... than comparable normally shaped beans."

Then, let's get to the 100% Kona coffee beans. #1-Peaberry Kona coffee beans are the highest grade of Kona beans, which are selectively hand-picked and wet-processed by dedicated farmers on small estates across the Kona coffee growing region. Each remarkable cup of pure peaberry Kona coffee is medium-bodied, with mild to lively acidity. Our 100% Kona Peaberry coffee beans are overwhelmingly aromatic and bright, replete with delicious nutty, buttery tones.

Bring home some 100% Kona Peaberry coffee beans today, and enjoy the romance of Kona peaberry coffee from Hawaiian islands in the comfort of your own home!

Now available in Nespresso and K-Cup formats. See below

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$23.95 K-Cup 12 ea.

$43.95 Nespresso Org. 36 ea


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