Keokeo Gold

KEOKEO GOLD is back,while supplies last!

We've been privileged over the last few years to have roasted and packaged batches of unique coffees grown on small farms in Maui. Generally, most of the roasted coffee goes back to the farm owners for their own consumption.

Today we roasted a SMALL batch of coffee grown on a two-acre farm in the Keokeo region of Maui. The coffee is tended to by the owners and harvested and processed by hand. It is truly a labor of love, one that bears a phenomenal result.

Luckily, this year, we have some Keokeo Gold left after returning the roasted beans to the owners. It's not much, but it's a few pounds that we're able to offer to you, our customers. It's part of our commitment to bring you consistently amazing coffees. And trust us, you don't want to miss this one.

As you know, we have tried a lot of coffee. When we roast for a local farm owner, we are able to sample some coffee and get a sense of the individual taste characteristics that each bean variety possesses. And we can honestly say: "it up there at the very top of taste charts".

Why the name Keokeo Gold? Because this absolutely exquisite coffee — while somewhat pricey — is worth its weight in gold. The exotic bean scored through the roof among all the experts who participated in our taste test. In our "pour over" and French press preparations, the Keokeo Gold truly shone. Both brought out the bean's full body and nutty aftertaste.

Now, we will admit, this coffee is not necessarily an everyday item. It's probably the equivalent to purchasing a bottle of wine from a great vintage, to be put on the table for a special occasion.


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