Ka'anapali Moka - Lighter Roast

Ka'anapali Moka - the name evokes an exotic, full-bodied coffee with a signature chocolate flavor. Now, The Coffee Store is excited to offer you an even more delicious version of this signature Maui-grown coffee — Ka'anapali Moka Select.

Kaanapali Moka is one of Hawaii's most highly rated varietals, winning many awards and medals in cupping competitions. It is grown on the Kaanapali Coffee Farms, on the gentle slopes of the West Maui Mountains that start just outside of the historical town of Lahaina and rise high above the pristine waters and white-sand beaches of the world-renowned Ka'anapali Resort.

The Moka comes from trees of an exotic cultivar first commercialized hundreds of years ago in Yemen. Moka's tiny, split-pea-like beans have long fascinated coffee aficionados, as does its Afro-Arabian fruit-and-chocolate cup character.

Our Ka’anapali Moka Select contains only high-grade, specially picked beans that pass rigorous screening tests. These larger beans are more uniform, deliver a better roast and present a greater flavor profile in each cup. Superb when prepared by French Press or the Aerobie AeroPress, to truly bring out the intense nutty and smoky notes!

Still not tempted? Here's what the experts have to say about Ka'anapali Moka's taste profile and characteristics:

"Nose: Lots of chocolate and pipe tobacco. Smoke shows up strongly in the French press. A nice nutty, hazelnut flavor as well. Finish: It is a medium length finish that ends on chocolate in the vacuum pot and drip. In the French press, it ends on a smoky, nutty note."

"Maui coffee growers are rapidly becoming serious competition to its neighboring and infinitely better known Kona coffee growers. We believe that Ka'anapali Moka, due to its exotic characteristics and unique flavor profiles, has the potential to establish the area as a recognized specialty coffee region similar to Kona."

"This full-bodied clear, smooth coffee is rapidly gaining worldwide recognition. It is a very lively cup, with a slightly exotic chocolatey aroma with subtle winey flavors."

"The nose is rich and complex and the flavor outstanding. The coffee has a medium-full body with relatively low acidity and rich chocolate flavors. The coffee drinks equally well black or with cream and sugar. The aftertaste is pleasant and fades quickly compared to other coffees with this much body and flavor."

We are pleased to offer this version of Ka'anapali Moka Select roasted lighter to bring out its complexity and flavor. Custom roasting is available for orders of 15 pounds or more.

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$33.95 1 lb.

$18.95 8 oz

$159.95 5x1 Lb-SALE FREE Shp

$19.95 K-Cup 12 ea.

$39.95 Nespresso Org. 36 ea


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