100% Hawaii Coffee Beans

If you are concerned about such issues as:
Fair Trade coffee or Buy American
there is no better way to support these causes, than by buying 100% Hawaiian Coffee.

Hawaiian coffees are truly unique.

Noted not only in quality and flavor, but Hawaii coffee is the only coffee grown and produced in the United States. Ideal climatic conditions - temperature, humidity, altitude - and rich volcanic soil enables Hawaii coffee farmers to produce the world's best beans, among them the universally renowned Kona.

Coffee connoisseurs the world over cherish the distinctive flavor and overwhelming aroma of Hawaiian coffee.

The complex micro-climates of the various Hawaiian Islands and variations in husbandry and processing has created a fascinating array of variations on the basic Hawaiian coffee cup. Ranging from smoky, teasing, dried fruit, cherry-toned chocolate or sweet pipe tobacco notes of Molokai; to sweet and simple, round, low-key but ingratiating, Kaua'i; through sweet and delicately complex Maui's Kula Estate coffee with its full, round, gently resonant cup with shimmers of dry fruit, chocolate, and cocoa; to exhilaratingly fruity, and grandly austere and acidy Kona(at the highest growing altitudes).

Try them all, experience their variety and complexity and enjoy the magic of Aloha that comes into your life with everything that has its roots here in Hawai'i.

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qty name choices size/price
Ka'anapali Estate  
100% Pure Maui XXX  
Kaanapali Estate Kona-Typica  
Ka'anapali Moka - Lighter Roast  
Ka'anapali Moka - Darker Roast  
Ka'anapali Moka Ecstasy  
Ka'anapali Peaberry  
Ka'anapali Moka Peaberry  
Maui - High Mountain  
Olinda Heights  
Nau Coffee - New!  

Temporarily Out of Stock

Keokeo Gold  

Temporarily Out of Stock

Maui Microlot Sampler - New!  
World's Finest Coffee Sampler  
Peaberry Gift Pack  
Presidents Club Card  


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