Kona Blend - 30% Kona

High-grade Kona complemented by Latin American beans.

Kona is one of the top specialty coffees in the world -- and it is one of the only coffees made right here in the United States. The Kona coffee growing district lies on a narrow strip of volcanic land on Hawaii's big island. A unique mix of daytime sun and humidity with afternoon shade and rainfall, makes the Kona beans exceptional.

Kona is truly the most unique coffee-growing area in the world, which can pose some challenges: The beans are grown at a low altitude and a relatively northern latitude. Fortunately, Kona has hundreds of committed farmers who use traditional techniques to deliver beans of uncompromised quality. We source our coffee directly from these farmers, taking care only to order the highest-grade beans.

To make our Kona blend, we take those beans and roast them fresh daily in our on-site roastery. We use great care, never rushing the beans, making sure we bring forth the delicate aromas and flavors. Once that step is completed, we blend the Kona with bright, balanced beans from Central and South America. These Latin American coffees are carefully selected to complement, not overpower, the highly-prized Kona bean.

Most Kona blends contain only 10% Kona beans -- at that rate, it's impossible to taste the Kona or differentiate it from the beans from other origins. By comparison, The Coffee Store's Kona Blend uses at least 30% Kona. We're dedicated to providing you with only the highest-quality products, and our inclusion of 30% Kona means our Kona Blend delivers a fuller-bodied mellow cup. With 30% Kona, you can savor the Kona bean's low acidity, caramel aroma and rich, nutty flavor.

Once your order is roasted and blended, we immediately seal it in a bag with a one-way valve and ship it to you. This ensures the coffee remains incredibly fresh -- as if straight from the roaster -- when it reaches your doorstep.

Enjoy The Coffee Store's distinctive Kona Blend while relaxing after dinner, entertaining friends, or a lazy Sunday morning. We invite you to let its aroma and flavor whisk you away to the islands!

$28.95 1 lb.

$136.95 5x1 Lb-SALE FREE Shp

$17.95 K-Cup 12 ea.

$37.95 Nespresso Org. 36 ea


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