Hawaiian Sunset 33% Kona

If you crave the flavor of Kona coffee at an incredible price, you won't want to miss this Kona coffee blend. It's packed full of our premium Kona Dark coffee to create the perfect evening cup:

Hawaiian Sunset Blend starts with two types of flavorful, aromatic Maui coffee. That's supplemented with Indonesian beans for full body, and high-quality Latin American beans for brightness. Then, we add at least 33% premium dark-roasted Kona coffee into mix. Roasting our deluxe Kona for just a little longer results in lower caffeine and acidity levels, while maintaining the Kona's lush, smooth taste.

All together, it's one fantastic combo. Including 33% Kona coffee makes it way more delicious than the other guys' blends (which contain so little Kona you can't even tell it's there)! We think Hawaiian Sunset Blend's light, mellow tones make it a great choice to finish off your dinner – and then continue sipping while watching the sun slowly dip into warm ocean waters!

$29.95 1 lb.

$139.95 5x1 Lb-SALE FREE Shp

$18.95 K-Cup 12 ea.

$38.95 Nespresso Org. 36 ea


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