Island Blend

A truly unique coffee blending the romance of the major Coffee growing Hawaiian Islands.

This 100% Hawaiian Blend was created by selecting the best beans from each of Hawaii's major coffee growing regions and combining them in proportions that ensured the best balance and taste characteristics. You may sometimes note the slight taste variations depending on the availability of the beans, but your palate will always be pleased with the mild, velvety sensation of these premium Hawaiian beans.

Depending on your preparation (Drip pot, French Press, pour-over, etc. you will find the notes of caramel, cocoa and roasted peanuts. As the cup cools you might notice subtle tones of milk chocolate. These sensations are always supported by a sweet, mild acidity as the flavor lingers on.

Get one today and surprise yourself every time you make a fresh cup of our 100% Hawaiian coffee.

$34.95 1 lb.

$164.95 5x1 Lb-SALE FREE Shp

$19.95 K-Cup 12 ea.

$39.95 Nespresso Org. 36 ea


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