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Everyone's tastes are different, and so it follows that tastes in coffee varies as well. What is wonderful about coffee is that there is such a wide range of flavor qualities from this world wide crop. Each growing area develops different flavor characteristics depending on the type of plant, elevation, soil make-up, amount of direct sun, and many other factors. To help you find the coffee or create the blend that best satisfies your taste it is important to understand a specific coffees taste qualities.

Internationally, coffees are cupped and judged in 4 main areas:

ACIDITY- High thin tones. The dryness the coffee leaves on the back of the palate. Not to be confused with sourness or bitterness that can be caused by defective beans or improper brewing. "Acidy" can be a most favorable characteristic that can be compared to dryness in wine. This quality is most prevalent in African coffees.

BODY - The sense of heaviness, richness, thickness in the back of the tongue. Full-bodied coffees are less likely to lose their flavor through milk. Indonesian coffees are known for their rich, full body.

AROMA- The scent that offers a coffee's allure and reflects a coffee's character. Coffees like Kona and Colombian tend to be the most fragrant. Kona coffees are also considered overwhelmingly aromatic.

FLAVOR - The overall impression of how a coffees characteristics work together - Is it sharp, grassy, earthy, rubbery, or is it full, bright, flowery, nut-like, chocolatey, or spicy?

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Maui Blend  
Maui Surf  
Haleakala Sunrise Blend  
Sweet Island Blend  
Kona Blend - 30% Kona  
Maui Magic  
Hawaiian Sunset 33% Kona  
Buzz Blend - 40% Kona  
Island Blend  
Taste Of Paradise - 50% Kona  
Hawaiian Peaberry  
Coffee of the Month - Regular  
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