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Listed below is a complete inventory of our coffee catalog.

Use the orange links on the left to show a subset and to learn more facts about the coffees you are interested in. (i.e. Click on 100% Kona to learn about all Kona coffees, or click on 100% Hawaiian to learn about specific Hawaiian coffees).

The following coffees can NOW be ordered On-Line and are produced daily in Nespresso and K-Cup formats:

IMPORTANT: Our Nespresso capsules are suitable for all models of Nespresso machines except for the Vertuoline models.. Our K-Cups are suitable for all K-Cup machines.

To learn more about the individual coffees click on a coffee name below.

You may also order from this page by entering the desired quantity in "qty" column, choosing the grind preference in "choices" column, and selecting the desired package size in "price" column below. Once you have done this, click the "Add to Shopping Cart" button at the bottom of this page. You can view your virtual "Shopping Cart" from any page on our web site by clicking on the "Shopping Cart" tab located in the top-right corner of your screen.
qty name choices size/price
100% Hawaiian
Olinda Heights  
100% Kona
Kona Organic - Certified  
Kona Sampler - 4 - 4 oz/7oz/K-cups/Nespresso  
Favorite Blends
Hawaiian Peaberry  
100% Hawaiian
Keokeo Gold  

Temporarily Out of Stock

Favorite Blends
Maui Blend  
Sweet Island Blend  
Hawaiian Sunset 33% Kona  
Hawaiian Blends Sampler - 4 x 1Lb. FREE SHIPPING  
Island Blend  
Kona Blend - 30% Kona  
Buzz Blend - 40% Kona  
Coffee of the Month - Regular  
Haleakala Sunrise Blend  
Maui Surf  
Dark Roast
Italian Blend  
Espresso Roast  
French Roast  
Kona Espresso  
Kona Latte  
Kona Mocha  
Maui Espresso  
Maui Latte  
Maui Mocha  
Decaf Kona Blend  
Decaf Brazil  
Decaf Espresso Continental Roast  
Decaf Island Blend  
Decaf Mexican  
Kona Decaf  

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