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100% KONA and 100% HAWAIIAN

You are fabulous - thank you!!! Package arrived and in my hands now - THANK YOU AGAIN. You guys are my official go-to KONA people going forward - very much appreciated!!!
Christine Delfino Seneca, Pleasantville, NY.

I lived on maui for a year over 20 years ago and have been shipping your Kona Peaberry & Hawaiian Hazelnut to wherever i have lived ever since! i don't want to start my day without your coffee and everyone i have ever made a cup for never forgets it
thanks, Lisa, Ashland, MA

I Know that this is your favorite coffee on the planet, so HAPPY MOTHERS DAY! - DAVID FINAN, PALMER LAKE, Colorado

I learned about this coffee from a neighbor, now the whole neighborhood is addicted! Amy Williams, Limington, Maine.

I have bought hawaiian coffee from many places but your kona and kauai are the BEST. I have been a customer of yours for years and will continue. Mary Soranno, Detroit, Michigan

Life is truly worthwhile with my morning cup of "Taste of Paradise". Robert Rose, Montague, California

I just came back from Maui a month ago, but I am still there every time I drink your delicious coffee. I am placing orders for Christmas gifts..well maybe to myself..ok I'll share..Mahalo! Lucille, Rye Brook, New York

Its finger licking good ! ! ! Dan Gleason, Camden, New Jersey

My freind just got back from maui and brought me some of your coffee, this Kona is great. Dwayne Luckey, Napa, California

Your coffee is the greatest! Eugene Huber, Quakertown, Pennsylvania

WE are soooo glad we stopped in your store on Maui up by Ritz Carlton...heard about your operation from one of the guests....and started buying by email since. You have made our daily living wonderful to wake up in the morning to the smell of fresh Kona Peaberry and other exotics...we are trying our first Jamaican blue mountain today! one word.....WOW! alan hembel, Middleton, Wisconsin

This is the best coffee on the planet. We serve it at our Salon and it is a big hit! Elizabeth Miskell, Cambridge, Maryland

On our way to Kapalua each year we stop to buy the delicious Kona peaberry coffee. We order it, now, to arrive at our home in Glendora, California. It is such a treat! Winning a one pound package would be like a pound of gold!!! Deanna Peterson, Glendora, California

Love your coffee!!! Visited from Indiana in December and have ordered it twice already to have it sent here!!!! Can't get enough of it! Lindsay Cunningham, Indianapolis, Indiana.

Yes, I'm from the mainland, but I can't wait to visit your shop when I come back in just a few weeks!!! Woo HOO!!!! Cheers, Brian. - Brian Smart, Olympia, Washington

My family and I stayed in a condo in Napili about a year and a half ago. We visited your coffee store in the Napili Plaza and bought coffee for our stay at our condo. We fell in love with your coffee and brought some home to remind us of our stay in Hawaii. I enjoy your coffee so much I order it as often as I can and think of Napili then I have a cup! Jennie Johnson.

You guys and gals have a great store. Made our trip to Hawaii very special. Thanks! Geordie Gordon, Santa Clara, California

My sister-in-law brought home some of your coffee from a recent Hawaiian vacation. Yum! We are now out, and are placing an order to re-stock on your delicious coffee! Collette Book, Buffalo, New York

Purchased 2 LBS of Kaanapali Peaberry on a recent trip to Maui - wow, that's great coffee - will absolutely order more on-line. John Granquist, San Diego, California

When we leave our home in Maui, we can't live without your great local coffee! I just ordered two pounds of Kaanapali Coffees. We would like our free one to be Ka'anapali Maui Coffee - Moka. Mahalo! Nancy and Rob Hunt
Left Maui yesterday where, once again, I visited the Napili store and bought some treats and gifts of coffee. Thanks. Terrie Jordan, Sacramento, California

I just love your Hula Pie Coffee. My son-in-law was just visiting you in June. Your coffee is his favorite coffee. We can't wait to come back and taste it once again. Eileen Kamenir, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Ever since my sister-in-law visited your shop on vacation last year, she and I have placed joint orders for your delicious coffee. As a Starbucks devotee, I have admittedly found a rival in your Kona coffee! Collette Book, Buffalo, New York

I love telling people about your products! Sarah Conaway

We had been sticking to your chocolate macadamian; however. on our last order we received hula pie. Just wanted you to know it is very good. We may get some of both the next time we order. Mahalo! Rod Siggelkow, Cummings, Georgia

Greatest coffee we have found!!! Tanya Milenkovich, San Marcos, California

We love your coffee, all the way from Southern California! We visit your Napili store every time we come to Maui! Mahalo! Nicole Sherman, Moorpark, California

Bought five bags last December for Christmas gifts. But, because of unusal circumstances, kept them for myself. Not selfish, just appreciative of great coffee. Will get some more for Christmas gifts in December. Roland Herriges, Spokane, Washington

Was there (again) in March, will return with my grandaughters in July. Your shop is more than a store...its a destination. Just ran out of Hula Pie...don't think I can make it 'till July. Love your rich iced Mochas...can't wait for another! See you soon. Terrie Jordan, Sacramento, California

Was recently in Maui and brought back some Maui coffee for myself and gifts.......absolutely loved it!!! Diane Long, Alaska

LOVE.LOVE.YOUR COFFEE Marsha Bailey, Los Angeles, California

Love your always fresh delicious coffees! David Freeman, Asheville, North Carolina

Ever since I visited your island I have been hooked on your coffee. Absolutely the BEST!!! Jill Fanning, Lake Havasu City, Arizona

I will be seeing you again this October to purchase more of your delicious coffee. Heather Harris, New Brunswick, Canada

We relive our vacation each day we sit down to our smooth latte, Thank you! Angela Fishel, Redmond, Washington

We visited your coffee store when in Kahana' Maui. We bought a pound of Ka'anapali Peaberry Coffee for our brother-in- law. Thanks for the cup of coffee you gave my husband. Great service, nice staff ! Liz & Sonny Whiton, Gig Harbor, Washington.

We are drinking way too much of your coffee.... Ben Bailey, Charleston, West Virginia

Can't wait to serve your coffee to guests. Patti Impson, Rochester, New York

Great Coffee!!!! Still enjoying the products we bought at Christmas. Keep up the good work. Dave Nesbitt, Blythewood, South Carolina

We purchased several pounds of coffee when we were there in August. It was a sad day when the last bag disappeared! John Hunter, Mission Viejo, California

My husband, mother, daughter and myself just returned from a two-week stay in Maui and purchased a couple of pounds of your flavored decaf for use in our condo and to bring back to the mainland. I was happy to find out that you have Swiss water decaf, as that's what we drink, but is sometimes very hard to find, I guess due to the price? We are enjoying your Hawaiian Hazelnut and Chocolate Macadamia Nut. Beverly Quilici, Dallas, Texas

The Keo Keo is absolutely wonderful! Full body nutty aftertaste - love it. Thanks so much. Chip

I love your cofee, I purchased the vanilla macadamia and it is absolutely scrumptious. I have just placed my order for more flavors. Lynn Pinkham, Whitefield, Maine

Love your coffee!! Visited your shop in Kihei on our honeymoon. Great store and great coffee! Tia Thornburgh, Lansing. Michigan

Love your coffee! We stock up every time we are on Maui! Donna Ray, Denver, Colorado

I love your coffee and miss seeing you everyday! I was visiting my son there for a month & bought 5 lbs of Coc Mac coffee before I left Jan 10. MISS Erin and all of YOU - Mahalo & Aloha Beverly Davenport, San Diego, California

Loved your chocolate macadamia nut. visited your maui store on 12/9/06 and purchased coffee for gifts and me to take home to Philadelphia, PA. My suitcase smelled fantastic until I tasted the coffee. It was more fantastic than the aroma. Eileen Kamenir, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

It's been 4 years since our honeymoon, and we still miss your coffee!!! Jason Coe, New Haven, Connecticut

I love your coffee.. we buy it every time we come to Maui 2x a year.We have also told our friends about you and they love your caffee as well. Thank you Pamela Heaps, Rancho Cucamonga, California

Awesome coffee! We love it, is our favorite! Erick Gonzalez, Pontiac, Michigan

My elderly father recently fell and broke his hip. He live alone in Florida, but has traveled to Hawaii many times. To speed his recovery, I ordered Maui coffee...and it really made a difference! He is doing great now, and enjoys his Kona and Maui coffee every morning. Thanks, Jeff Crofts, Rochester, New York

I visited Maui and got hooked on your coffee, so I hope I can get another taste of it soon. Philip Bradshaw, San Diego, California

Without your coffees, life would not be sunshine and good feelings in the mornings. We actually look forward to mornings since we drink your wonderful coffees. Mahalo! Sharon Spillman, San Antonio, Texas

We use your coffee every day and LOVE IT!! So smooth and it never upsets the stomach like regular coffees. Keep up the good work. Lana Kay Hanson, Idaho

I am a true lover of coffee. I live in the heart of "Starbucks Land". Not one of their varieties stand up to the "favorful, aromatic, rich tasting" coffee's you offer!! Thank You. Rita Regale, Hillsboro, Oregon

Love your coffee. One of our first stops when we arrive is the Maui Coffee Store. Mahalo. Richard Fleer, San Jose, California

This is the best coffee I have ever had and it takes me back to when we went to maui every morning! Kimaiwyn Hart

Since my daughter brought me back your coffee from a recent trip to the island, I can't drink any other kind! Kelly Marmorato, Brevard County, Florida

I've been "hooked" on your coffee since we were stationed there (Navy) many years ago. Linda Ayres

Best coffee ever! Leanne Galaviz, Spokane, Washington

I was recently in Maui vacationing and I found your shop. We went there every morning, Best coffee I have ever had! Thanks! Raquel Rodriquez.

Each time we come back from Maui we bring several bags of your amaretto beans. I just opened my last bag & already am dreading the time when it's empty. It's the best I've found anywhere. Judi Holzhausen, Olympia, Washington

I was recently in Hawaii on holiday and became addicted to your coffee, so much that instead of souveniers I brought back lots of coffee and was wondering if you send overseas to the UK. If not, which I know may be unlikely, then do you know where I can order some to be delivered here. Please let me know. Mahalo! Patricia McGrory.

I had your coffee when we were stationed in Hawaii and I can honestly say it is the best coffee in the world. Laura Emerson, Biloxi, Mississippi

Your 100% Kona is the very best coffee my husband and I ever tried. And I am still trying to get my in-laws who live on the Island to mail me your IBM. Can't find anything close to yours. Susan Schultheis, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

We had the pleasure of discovering your wonderful coffee on our trip to Maui in April - I save the beans I bought for VERY special occasions - it's the best! Deborah Bass-Shaw, Los Angeles, California

Love the coffee & service in Napili! - Randy Bartlett, Maui, Hawaii

Love your coffee, ever since we visited we cannot live without it! We ordered 10 bags last time and it's almost gone. My wife made it without the kona scoop and just called to say - remember what it tastes like without the kona scoop! Great job. William Christmas, Atlanta, Georgia

I've been a loyal customer for almost 10 years... and will continue to be. best coffee i've ever had. David Johns, Columbia, SC.

I'm hooked on Kona Fancy! Tried it during a trip to Maui last March and love it! Ron Owings, Sweetser, Indiana

The best coffee in the world I buy it all the way in New Jersey. matthew scherbekow

Great website. My friend recently purchased some of your decaf coffee and told me it was the best she tried. Amy Moreau

I discovered you while in Maui, and I have been hooked ever since. Thank you! Kim Young, Cleveland Heights, Ohio

I received the coffee yesterday, and when I opened it, the aroma hit me right away! Couldn't wait to try it out, and yes, it was very fresh and YUMMY! Thanks again for taking care of me. I really appreciate it! Looking forward to future orders Peter Z.

We took home 11 bags of your coffee that last time we were on Maui...we are down to the last one...mmmmmm.mmmmmm.good! Thanks for the great coffee. Tammy Barnes Eugene, Oregon

Every morning your coffee starts our day in a most civilized manner. Sharon Spillman, San Antonio, Texas

Last time I went to Maui, I didn't go to "The Coffee Store". I will rectify that on my next visit for sure! Jae Park

Maui used to be my home and I desperately miss my Coffee Store brew! April Annoye, Lincoln, Nebraska


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