Kona Coffee History and origin

If you ask coffee lovers what region is synonymous with truly great coffee, chances are they will say Kona. These beans grown on the island of Hawaii in the middle of the Pacific Ocean just seem to have that quintessential quality. Kona's unique climate of seasonal rainfall, sunny blue skies and elevation combine to make superior bean. A coffee that is unequivocally right in itself - mellow, smooth, yet rich, with plenty of body. There's no bite or bitterness, just deep aromatic coffee that at times is enhanced with natural notes of chocolate or fine red wine.

Coffee, brought to Kona in 1828, was originally grown on large plantations, but now grows on 600 small, three to eight acre farms The Kona coffee belt is an area that is roughly only one mile wide by thirty miles long. Situated on the western slopes of two volcanoes, Hualalai and Mauna Loa, at an elevation running from 700 to 3000 feet. The coffee tree that thrives in Kona is the same species that is found in most other gourmet coffee growing areas including Africa, Indonesia, and South America. Cultivation of coffee is more labor intensive than any other agricultural commodity; in Kona it is even more so than in other regions. Kona harvest seasons extends from August to April and all the coffee cherry is hand picked and sun dried. Kona coffee undergoes a stringent system that classifies the beans according to size, weight and number of defects, which is then certified by the State of Hawaii. The meticulous attention to detail, dedication, and pride of the Kona coffee farmer, ensures that you are purchasing the worlds finest coffee when you sip your cup of Kona.

The Coffee store is committed to bringing you the best Kona coffee your money can buy!

Though you may find plenty of coffee at your supermarket with the word "Kona" on the label, look closely! If it doesn't say 100% Kona Coffee, you are NOT buying Kona Coffee. In a best case scenario you are buying some Central or South American coffee with may be 10% lowest grade Kona mixed in to comply with the labeling regulations.

Even when it does say 100% Kona, but does not specify the grade (#3, Prime, #1, Fancy, etc.) someone is trying to mislead you into buying a #3-OFF GRADE KONA or Prime grade Kona (Lowest grades and quality Kona) and you end up paying a premium price for the NAME "KONA", but not really getting the quality you expect for the money. When you are paying $25 plus dollars for a pound of coffee make sure you are paying for the grade/quality that your money deserves.

Our online catalog, our brochures and, - most importantly - each of our bags of Kona Coffee clearly states what grade of Kona Coffee is inside (Kona Fancy, Kona #1 etc.) and the price you pay is determined by the grade of coffee you buy.

It is not worth paying even $10 for a pound of 100% Kona Coffee if you do not know what grade of coffee you are buying. In most cases if the grade is not specified you are getting a #3-OFF GRADE Kona Coffee and you will not be experiencing the aroma and taste of the best gourmet coffee in the world that Kona is famous for.

Our freshly roasted highest grades and quality Kona coffees contain 100% true Kona Coffee and are shipped direct to your door from our Maui-based roasting facility located on the slopes of Haleakala. When you get your Kona Coffee from The Coffee Store - the FIRST Specialty Coffee shop in Hawaii - you will know you got the best Kona has to offer and you will Taste the difference!

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