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Hawaiian coffees are truly unique, not only in quality and flavor, but they are also the only coffees grown and produced in the United States. Ideal climatic conditions - temperature, humidity, altitude - and rich volcanic soil enables Hawaiian farmers to produce the world's best coffees, among them the universally renowned Kona coffee.

Coffee connoisseurs the world over cherish the distinctive flavor and overwhelming aroma of Hawaiian coffees. As a result of this rising demand for Hawaiian coffees, increasing acreage on the Islands is dedicated to coffee growing every year. The Hawaiian Department of Agriculture has developed strict guidelines on how the coffees are to be graded. These regulations ensure both quality control and proper labeling of the different grades of coffee.

There are several different growing regions of Hawaiian coffees. From the Big Island of Hawaii, we use the highest grade, 100% Kona Coffee in the roasting of Kona Peaberry, Kona Prime, Kona Fancy, and Kona Organic. Three lesser-known varieties of commercial Hawaiian beans are also gaining popularity here in the Islands, on the Mainland, and abroad. Kauai coffee is a light bodied coffee with mild acidity. Maui's, Ka'anapali beans are a medium body, smooth finishing coffee. Lastly, the Molokai beans, from the Island of Molokai, offer a light body, low acid coffee. Our flavored coffees offer unsurpassed quality, as well. To flavor our coffees, we use only natural flavorings and real coconut, Macadamia Nut, etc., to enhance our coffees with the delicious tastes of the Islands.

Here at the Coffee Store, we are committed to bringing our customers the most flavorful, highest quality, Hawaiian coffees. We recognize that the consumer has many choices when it comes to the coffee they drink. We, therefore, ensure our coffee's quality is unsurpassed. We have aimed at pleasing the most discriminating consumer; the most sophisticated palates. And this commitment has served us well. The residents of Maui have responded to our quality coffees by voting The Coffee Store - The Best Coffee Store in Maui - for 6 years.

How do we achieve this unsurpassed level of quality?

By having our operations right here in the Islands, we are able to monitor every step of the coffee's production process. Since we know where it is harvested, how it is pulped, processed, and dried, we can ensure our clients the highest level of Hawaiian grown beans. Can you name another supplier who does this? Don't bother trying! You won't be able to! We know that no one else goes to the same length to ensure the quality of their supply, monitor the quality of production, and provide after sale support to its customers and end consumers.

We'd like to walk you through our selection and production processes so you can see the attention to detail yourself.

After we go to the source and hand-select the highest grade, quality green coffee beans, we then roast the beans in small twenty-five pound batches. In fact, we roast our coffees daily, right in our stores. We do not impose a time limit - we patiently wait for our beans to develop to perfection inside our roaster.

When the beans reach the perfect level, they are poured into the cooling tray. Again, we employ a patient attitude rather than cost-saving gimmicks. Our beans cool on their own - no accelerated cooling by water quenching or other cost-saving techniques.

As you can see, Coffee is our passion, and like good food, wine, and love, coffee needs time to reach its full flavor. You can be assured that the coffee you buy from The Coffee Store is the freshest, highest quality Hawaiian coffee money can buy. Because we never forget that, Life's too short for stale coffee!

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